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  • Lowest prices & fees
  • 3D shops & viewer
  • Peer to peer with zero risk of scams

Inspect skins in 3D directly in the browser

Check out TaZ and Neo's 3D shops or create your own

Do like TaZ and Neo and create your own 3D shop. Sign up, set your skins for sale - and voila, you now have your own shop in 3D 🎉

Why use GamerPay?

  • 1

    Zero risk of scams

    GamerPay makes peer to peer trading safe for both the buyer and seller.

  • 2

    Cheap prices

    We have some of the best prices you can find on any marketplace.

  • 3

    0% sales fee

    It doesn’t cost you anything to sell your skins on GamerPay. It’s 100% free!

  • 4

    Only 2.5% buyer protection fee

    We add a small fee of 2.5% if you buy skins with your GamerPay wallet. If you pay with credit card it’s 5% + €NaN.

  • 5

    Get your own 2D and 3D shop

    When you set your skins for sale you automatically get your own shop in both 2D & 3D - ready to share.

  • 6

    Used by the pros

    The go to skin market place for Ninjas in Pyjamas and Taz and Neo.

Supported by experts. Trusted by traders.

GamerPay is backed by reputable individuals within the esport and startup scene and is build in cooporation with many of the known Danish facebook traders.