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GamerPay is built for the gamer, who just wants to trade skins safely.

  1. Mario

    Gamerpay has made it possible to trade safely, both as a buyer and a seller.

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  2. BuNny

    With GamerPay I can safely trade with skins without the fear of losing my skins or money.

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  3. LeJoop!

    Finally, I can make a trade without the use of a middleman. Thanks GamerPay :-)

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  4. ZukwiZ

    With GamerPay I can now safely trade skins without the fear of losing my skins or money.

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Buy and sell skins with ease of heart

Never worry about discussions on who goes first. With GamerPay, the buyer always goes first.

Buy skins

Secure payment

Find your new favorite skin, set a price with the seller. Make the offer through GamerPay.

Complete trade on Steam

Create trade on Steam and share the offer with the seller. Your money is in escrow at GamerPay.

Receive skin or money back

Seller accepts the trade and receives the money. If not, the trade will be cancelled and money will return to you.

Sell skins

Attract buyers worldwide

Buyers from all over the world can securely pay for skins they buy from you.

Receive offers

Receive offers for items you are selling. Easy overview of items, payment and the buyer.

Accept offer

If you accept the offer at GamerPay, the money is paid out instantly. And best of all - it is FREE for you.

Lowest fee out there.

We strive to be the most transparent and fair payment service. No hidden fees.


The buyer pays a low fee


Free for the seller

A safe and easy way to trade

Our mission is to help gamers trade items in an effortless way, with no risk of monetary loss.

Get an introduction to GamerPay with Fredrik Byskov, founder of Astralis.